The problem this resource solvesvideo defining strategya one-page cheatsheet to download on strategystrategy on a page template to download and use

Video - what is strategy and how to build one

A video overview of what strategy is, why it matters and how to build a simple strategy. It includes a video, a cheatsheet to refer to later and a template one-pager you can use to build a strategy.

The Problem

We often focus on work that is not valuable for achieving our goals or stretch ourselves too thin by focusing on lots of goals at the same time. These are outcomes of poor strategy.

Strategy Video

This video introduces what strategy is, why it matters, and how to build a simple strategy.

Strategy cheatsheet

The below is a cheatsheet you can download directly by clicking on the image. Use it for your own reference and print it out to keep next to you at work. This cheatsheet covers the key content from the video.

Strategy one-page template

Download the below template by clicking on it to use to create your own strategy at work or for your personal goals.

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