What is the strategy on a pagewhy use this templatewhat is strategytemplate to download

Strategy on a page

A template to use to develop a one-page strategy either for work or for your personal goals.

What is the strategy on a page template

The one-page strategy template is a simple tool you can use to help set your goals, measures of success and key tactics that will guide how you achieve your goals.

Why use this template?

The template helps you define and communicate your goals and activities in a concise manner which makes it easier to share with others and improve the clarity of your own thinking.

What is strategy?

If you are unsure exactly what strategy is, why it matters or how to use the template below then we recommend referring to our resource which provides an overview of strategy including the template below.

Strategy one-pager template

Download the below template by clicking on it to use to create your own strategy at work or for your personal goals.

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