What problem this resource helps you solvewhy we often fail to live our desired habitsone-page template to help you breakdown your habits

How to stick with good routine and habits

A new model with a template to help you breakdown how to live your ideal routine.

What problem will this article help you solve?

Most people fail to stick with their ideal routine and habits.

There is a saying, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". We all, or most of us, have good intentions about how we want to live our life. We all want to do exercise, eat healthy, do well at work, maintain high-quality relationships - but when it comes time to behave in a way conducive to all these things, we often fall short.

Why we often fail to live our desired routine & habits

There are numerous reasons why we might fail to live our desired habits. Some of the common culprits are as follows:

  • We rely on willpower or remembering to do a new habit, rather than changing our environment to cue and help us execute the new habit.
  • We try and go from zero to hundred such as going from not running at all to trying to run 5km five days a week.
  • We focus on the right measure of success, defining success by outputs we don't control such as how many kilometres we can run in a single go rather than the inputs we do control such as how many times you have gone for a run that week.
  • We don't set-up the rewards system to be worth the effort, particularly when there is no immediate tangible reward. For example, you have the goal of running a marathon and so want to start running three times a week as your new habit. The problem, you don't see results quickly in terms of improvement, and so the effort is high while the reward is low, if the reward is not worth the effort you will never stick with a habit.
  • We don't make sacrifices to live our desired routine. We want to do every healthy habit, but the reality is you have 168 hours in your week, you need to choose where to spend your time.
  • We don't recognise the opportunity cost of time. When you are building a habit, it is not simply whether a reward is greater than the effort. But if the reward-effort ratio is better than any other alternative use of your time. You only stick with habits which are the most valuable to you.
A one-pager for helping you breakdown your routine

Download the resource below by clicking on it to get a breakdown of how you can establish your desired weekly and daily routine, alongside building habits that helps you live that routine.

The resource is self-explanatory and there is a link to a template within the document below.

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