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Build a morning routine to optimise your day

This article introduces five steps to follow to make your mornings better and includes a downloadable PDF to help you apply the learnings to your routine right away.

What is a morning routine?

A morning routine is essentially a set of behaviours you do in the morning in a similar sequence on the average day.

For example - you wake up at the sound of your alarm clock, grab your phone, check all your emails and notifications that came in overnight, then you get out of bed, have a shower, brush your teeth and get dressed. If you repeat this in broadly similar way during your average day - this is your morning routine.

So, very likely everyone reading this has a morning routine - the question is if your morning routine is one you feel gives you the best start to the day.

Morning philosophy - no extremes!

I think for most people this approach can work for a few weeks but in most cases the morning then becomes too mentally taxing or requires you have to go to sleep really early and that’s not an option for everyone.

I have tested this on myself and what sticks are behaviours/actions which make me feel better in the morning - doing things that help you combat the sleepiness and lack of motivation to get out of bed on some days.
I've read a fair few articles and even a few books covering morning routines - many people out there tout the benefits of what I see as more extreme morning routines. Routines which include getting up at 5 and engaging in a checklist of activities ranging from hardcore exercise to cold showers.

Science side-note, don't beat yourself up...

When you wake up you enter a brain state called 'sleep inertia', which usually lasts for about 30 minutes. During this time your cognitive abilities are dampened as your system is essentially getting going.

Sadly, there is not much studies show can really eradicate this - so don’t beat yourself up if you feel a bit slower in the morning. And wait at least 30 minutes before you drive if you can - a few studies show people are much more likely to be in a car accident when driving in the first half hour after waking up!

Benefits from a 'good' morning routine

When people have a routine they subjectively consider ‘good’, it can:

1. help you increase your productivity, i.e. what you can get done during the day;
2. reduces stress levels;
3. sets the tone for the day and you get started ‘on the right foot’; and
4. you have better control over what happens during your day - avoid the days when it’s suddenly 11am and you feel like you haven’t done anything and don’t know where the time has gone…

All morning routines start the night before...

Quick point on sleep. If you don’t get enough good quality sleep, the start of your day is unlikely to be that good. If you want to improve your mornings, think about your evening routine first.

Do you get at least 7 hours of sleep on an average night? Do you feel rested when you wake up or do you feel like you could keep sleeping for hours?

Sleep is the cornerstone of a good morning, so focus on that first if your sleep is not up to scratch.

Steps to follow to improve your morning routine

You can try do lots of things in the morning. What is ‘good’ will really depend on what you’re trying to optimise and what works for you.

Below are steps you can take to optimise your routine and a PDF to use to go through to build up your routine and have better mornings.

- Step 1: Check in with yourself if you are sleeping well, do you feel like you have a good sleeping routine? If not, perhaps this is the place to start.

- Step 2: Analyse your current morning routine, make a note of what you do each morning and what are the things you do and what you want to replace.

- Step 3: Keep it simple, pick 1-3 things to do, not a whole checklist of things, add as you go.

- Step 4: Test the actions you picked for a few days, and see if it makes you feel better. Don’t push it too hard if you find it’s not your cup of tea. Experiment until you find something that actually helps you feel better about your day.

- Step 5: Once you find something you think you want to really introduce to your morning routine, commit for 30 days and plan how you will execute this - , track how you are going, find someone to keep you accountable, set reminders to stick with your new routine - put in a calendar re

Download the PDF by clicking on the picture below. Use this to create a better routine for your mornings. If you have any questions or need any help, get in touch anytime on

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