Become an innovation pro with Google's Head of Innovation, Scott Thomson.

Learn how to innovate inside established organisations

Who this is for: engineers

The webinar is targeted at engineers in established organisations frustrated by the lack of innovation in their business. The learnings will be applicable to those outside of engineering.

When: 10-11am September 14th

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Scott will cover how to remove silos in your organisation to speed up innovation and how to link it with business results so that you can show how innovation contributes to business goals.

Price: FREE!

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Webinar speaker

A picture of Scott Thomson, Google Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering, and adviser to Alto

Scott Thomson - Google Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering
Scott is on Google's global leadership team, accountable for helping organisations build their innovation capability.

Scott is an innovation and technology whiz, previously a CTO and worked for a number of large organisations. He regularly helps organisations transform using technology as a tool to enable the development of higher quality solutions to problems.

Become an innovation pro
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Frustrated your potential is stifled by internal barriers to innovation & change?

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Helping the world's most innovative hearing R&D lab, become more innovative! 

Ways we can build innovation capability

Process design

We focus on the design of high-quality step-by-step processes your team can use to undertake innovation.


We will examine and help you establish a network of partners and customers you can tap into for co-creating problems and solutions.

Skills of your people

We will upskill your people so they can apply contemporary techniques that improve innovation outcomes.

Data collection & analytics

We will help you establish high-quality data collection and analytics focusing on controllable input metrics.

Facilities & tools

We'll examine the tools you use as an organisation and help establish the right digital tools that enable fast prototyping and innovation.


We can help you build a high-quality strategy which focuses the team and ensures innovation is aligned to key strategic business goals.


We can help you establish a customer-centric culture that is conducive to innovation focusing on the right incentives, process and structures.

Organisational Structure

We can help you establish an organisational structure which is conducive to innovation using single-threaded teams.

How do we achieve superior results?


We have bespoke processes that helps us efficiently and consistently deliver results and continuously improve as a team.


We have a unique network of collaborators such as Google and AWS that we leverage in each client engagement bringing together a large collective intelligence and execution power.

T-shaped people

We are all generalists as well as innovation specialists. As such, we bring holistic thinking considering the business strategy, marketing, sales, product, operations and how innovation can complement this.

Complementary products

We have scalable training products and manage an innovator community which we can leverage in our client engagements.


We purposefully design our strategy, process and incentive schemes to ensure we have a customer-focused culture where we do what's best for the customer, not Alto.


We use frameworks unique to Alto to analyse innovation from a systems perspective, so that we can consider the entire organisation and how innovation capability fits in.

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