Many great engineers feel frustrated because their ideas are never heard at work.

We teach you how to develop and pitch ideas that get heard and that drive business results, so you standout.

Integration Engineer

"I never knew how important aligning my ideas was with the business strategy to get my managers to listen."

CEO & Co-Founder

"The training taught me how to pitch my ideas in the right business language. Now, my ideas are getting attention and I get to showcase my potential!"

Mechatronics Engineer
‍Fleet Space

"The training has equipped me with tools and techniques that I use everyday to solve problems I otherwise felt were out of my depth."

Solution Architect, APJ
Amazon Web Services

"I have always sought to contribute to business growth and solve important problems. Now, I have a structured process for doing so!"

Alumni from the best tech and engineering companies

Where some of our alumni come from

Showcase your potential by translating your ideas into business results

Self-guided content divided into 10 chapters

There are 10 training modules starting with Identifying Strategic Problems through to Implementing Solutions.

Content Overview

You will learn two methods for identifying problems to solve in your organisation that are of strategic relevance.

You will learn how to approximate the size of these problems of strategic relevance, so that you can compare which is most valuable to solve today.

You will learn how to best select and reframe a single problem to focus on solving.

You will learn how to break your problems down and conduct and synthesise research in preparation for developing high-quality solutions.

You will learn two techniques for developing high-quality solutions to your selected problem.

You will learn how to apply the human centred design metrics (HCD) to evaluate and select a single idea to pursue.

You will learn how to identify and prioritise assumptions by risk that underpin your idea to validate.

You will learn how to validate your assumptions following a scientific method approach and pretotyping (not prototyping).

You will learn how to build a pitch to communicate your idea as it relates to the business and to the relevant decision-maker’s self interest.

You will learn how to go about getting the pitch meeting as well as some tips and tricks on how to deliver the best pitch you can.

Available forever, at your own pace

You'll have access to the all the content and tools for as long as you want to, working through the content whenever you want to.

Learning community

You'll join a learning community on Slack where you get access to bonus materials that help you become an immensely valuable contributor at work.

How to become a highly-valued contributor at work

1. Try the training to see if it is right for you

Sign up for a free 7-day trial (no payment details needed).

2. Get the full training

If you believe the training is right for you - get full access by buying it on our website.

3. Apply the content as your learn

Use what you learn at work to develop and pitch high-quality solutions to business problems.

Our promise

Super relevant

You can apply everything you learn directly at work. No time wasted.

Hyper convenient

Access the materials anytime anywhere, delivered in bite-sized chunks so you can learn even on your morning commute.

Unique content

Content you can only find here and nowhere else.

Improving weekly

We roll out improvements every week, so you keep getting more and more value.

Helping the world's most innovative hearing R&D lab, become more innovative! 

Ways we can build innovation capability

Process design

We focus on the design of high-quality step-by-step processes your team can use to undertake innovation.


We will examine and help you establish a network of partners and customers you can tap into for co-creating problems and solutions.

Skills of your people

We will upskill your people so they can apply contemporary techniques that improve innovation outcomes.

Data collection & analytics

We will help you establish high-quality data collection and analytics focusing on controllable input metrics.

Facilities & tools

We'll examine the tools you use as an organisation and help establish the right digital tools that enable fast prototyping and innovation.


We can help you build a high-quality strategy which focuses the team and ensures innovation is aligned to key strategic business goals.


We can help you establish a customer-centric culture that is conducive to innovation focusing on the right incentives, process and structures.

Organisational Structure

We can help you establish an organisational structure which is conducive to innovation using single-threaded teams.

How do we achieve superior results?


We have bespoke processes that helps us efficiently and consistently deliver results and continuously improve as a team.


We have a unique network of collaborators such as Google and AWS that we leverage in each client engagement bringing together a large collective intelligence and execution power.

T-shaped people

We are all generalists as well as innovation specialists. As such, we bring holistic thinking considering the business strategy, marketing, sales, product, operations and how innovation can complement this.

Complementary products

We have scalable training products and manage an innovator community which we can leverage in our client engagements.


We purposefully design our strategy, process and incentive schemes to ensure we have a customer-focused culture where we do what's best for the customer, not Alto.


We use frameworks unique to Alto to analyse innovation from a systems perspective, so that we can consider the entire organisation and how innovation capability fits in.

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