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We teach you how to develop and pitch solutions to meaningful business problems so that you get your ideas heard and fulfil your potential!

Wondering what our training is?

10 chapters of self-guided content.
Teaches you a step-by-step process you can use to identify and solve meaningful business problems.
Alleviates the frustration of not having your ideas heard.
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How alumni are using our training

CEO Andromeda

I apply the training to create clearer strategy and pitches of our amazing robot, Abi! It's helped us get into top accelerate program.

Ed, Integration Engineer, ANZ

I use the strategy content to align my ideas with business goals so that I'm actually heard by management and now I feel valued at work.

Braeden, Mechatronics Engineer, Fleet Space

I am more excited than ever in my work by using the tools from the training to build great solutions to hard business problems!

Where some of our alumni come from

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3. Apply the content at work to solve meaningful problems.
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The training is in 5-10 minute content chunks, designed for busy professionals.
It is designed to be applied at work so you get results immediately.
The content is available forever once purchased.
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