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How much does Forge cost?

Forge costs AUD 99, GST Inclusive and can be signed up to at any time.

How do I purchase Forge?

You can purchase Forge through this stripe link: Forge Training.

Can I do Forge while I work?

Absolutely! Forge is online self-paced using short-form content that is hyper convenient to consume to make it work-friendly.

What will I learn in Forge?

  • How to identify problems of strategic value (the problems inhibiting your organisation from achieving its long-term goals).
  • How to validate and select the problems that are most valuable to solve today.
  • How to develop high-quality solutions to your selected problem.
  • How to validate and select your ideas using a scientific method.
  • How to pitch your ideas in a way that is influential with management to get your ideas heard.

What are the work benefits of doing Forge?

You will improve your ability to create and sell ideas at work increasing your impact while reducing the frustration of not having your ideas heard.

How is the Forge program delivered?

Forge is self-paced online. Once purchased, we will provide you with a login to the course and then you can work through a combination of short-form videos, readings, case-study and quizzes applying the content as you go.

There will be a community to engage with to ask questions and learn with others.

How long is the Forge program?

Forge takes approximately 25 hours to complete if actively applying the learnings at work as you learn.

The program spreads across ten chapters of content diving into problem identification, problem selection, solution generation, solution selection and solution implementation.

Who is Forge for?

Forge is developed for intrinsically motivated professionals who want to increase their positive impact at work.

It is for professionals who are frustrated with not having their ideas heard and who feel excited about their opportunity to realise their potential to deliver more at work.

Who designed Forge?

Forge was designed by Andrew & Anna, the co-founders of Alto alongside advisory and support from industry experts such as Scotty, Google's Head of Innovation.

We constantly roll-out improvements on a weekly basis focused on root problems. We bring in a range of advisers from Google, Amazon Web Services and elsewhere for input on how to improve the training.

How does the Forge community work?

When you purchase Forge, you will be invited to an exclusive Slack space for Forge Innovators. Here you can interact with others doing the program, those that have finished the program and get support.

We'll be running fortnightly discussions on different related topics such as strategy, as well as bringing in guests and other benefits like hook-ins with coaches to support you on your journey to making an impact.

Can I try Forge before I buy it?

Yes! We have a sample chapter you can try out here: Forge Sample.

The sample chapter doesn't represent how Forge looks on the actual platform. We will be upgrading this soon! 

Will I get a certificate upon completion of Forge?

No. Currently there is no certificate for completing Forge.

Forge has been designed for those that want to increase their impact at work, not to try get a promotion by showing a new skill on a CV.

However, we recognise this is a desired feature which will be coming soon!

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