About Us.

We are a social enterprise with the goal of being earth's most innovative company.
Our Founders

Andrew Wetherell

I am an extremely curious innovator who loves to explore how to bring together a diverse range of fields to build new knowledge and solutions. I believe that our values define us better than any past job, so here is a list of my personal values.

Courage; Free-Spirited; Curious; Continuous Improvement; Candour; Compassion; Bias for Action.

Anna Bohac

I am always trying to improve and believe in trying again and again until things fit into place. Above all, I believe actions speak louder than words, this is what I do: 

Build tools to drive change; help at least one person every day; fall asleep a better me than when I woke up; learn every day; running; optimising all aspects of my life and always dreaming of the next hike.

Our vision.

To be the best in the world at creating and delivering novel solutions globally meaningful problems.

Problem identification & selection

We will focus on building long-term capability to be able to identify and select globally meaningful problems to focus on solving.

Solution generation & selection

We will build the capability to create and select the highest-quality solutions to meaningful problems to pursue.

Solution execution & delivery

We will continually advance the efficiency and effectiveness with which we can bring new solutions to market to address globally meaningful problems.