Build a study habit that lasts

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We're inventing a better way to build new habits.

Changing behaviour is hard. Here's how we can make it a little easier.

Behaviour change plan

You will get a unique plan to follow to build your study habit based on your goals and the obstacles standing in your way.

Unique study

You will get a unique protocol to follow each study session to help you implement your plan.

Distraction blocker

Strive will automatically block distracting apps for you during reading sessions.

Detailed analytics

You will get insights designed to help you improve your study habit over time.

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It's not your fault if you're not studying as much as you'd like.

It's easy to blame yourself and think that there is something wrong with you when you fail to live up to your ideal self.

Life is busy. Building new habits is hard. If you've tried to get into a study habit unsuccessfully in the past, it's not because something is wrong with you.

The problem lies in the popular approaches to building habits, which fail to account for individual circumstances. Together, we'll find the right approach for you to build a study habit for good.

Reduce social media and video streaming.

Strive is focused on supporting you in replacing some of your use of social media and entertainment services (YouTube, Netflix) with study or reading for learning and relaxation.
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We are bookworms obsessed with making reading easy.

Over the past several years we've spent endless hours diving into the behaviour literature and conducting experiments on ourselves, friends and family to discover better ways of changing behaviour.

Strive is the product of these years of experimentation. It is the answer to the question of what to do once you set your goal.

We believe the key is to account for your circumstances and hold your hand while you build up your habit, not leave you with a lot of steps to implement yourself.

The science

Strive takes a multi-disciplinary approach to behaviour. Your unique reading plan will be based primarily on neuroscience, psychology and physiology.

Our belief is that by focusing on what we all share, our biology, we can develop better behaviour change models that help you cultivate any behaviour you want.