We help you to become a pro at developing novel solutions to meaningful problems

"Innovation is a process anyone can master, and in doing so, become a strategic contributor at work and the world at large"
Scott Thomson, Alto Adviser
Google Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering
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Why you should do Forge


You will develop a systematic approach for identifying and solving meaningful problems, which will help you make an impact at work.

Holistic Thinking

You will learn to use new techniques and tools that improve your problem-solving approach to drive greater creativity and better solutions.

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50% of employees report that their company fails to act on good ideas. We believe that your ideas deserve better!
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When can I start Forge?

Forge content can be accessed from October 11th 2021 and can be purchased at any time.

All content is accessible for up to six months after purchasing the program so that there is ample time to complete the course and download all materials.

What are my payment options for Forge?

You can purchase Forge directly through this Stripe link.

Alternatively, you can ask your employer to sponsor your spot.

Use the Contact Us form if you have any financial issues, we would be happy to chat through and see if we can help.

How much does Forge cost?

449 AUD + applicable tax, totalling to 494 AUD.

How is Forge delivered?

Forge is delivered entirely online. You will be sent login details to the course and can access course materials and activities at your convenience.

There will be a combination of Alto created readings, videos and activities with an intuitive layout.

You will need to complete quizzes and reflective questions to unlock modules as you progress through the course.

How is Forge structured?

Forge is structured into 10 modules which take you through the entire innovation process - from problem identification all the way to solution implementation.

During the program, you will identify and solve a real problem for your organisation through the application of the Forge content.

Each module will have activities to guide you in this process. We believe this is the best way to learn.

How do I get my employer to sponsor my spot?

If your employer supports learning & development, you can share this overview which communicates the benefits of Forge for the organisation.

Alternatively, they can contact us directly to request an invoice.

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A picture of Scott Thomson, Google Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering, and adviser to Alto

Google's Scott Thomson

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Forge Lite features.

What's included

Online, 5-7 hrs/week for 6 weeks

Apply Alto content to solve a real problem

2 live Q&A sessions with Scott from Google

Put all theory into practice in team projects

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Learning outcomes.

Week One
How to identify & select the highest potential problem to solve today.

Core Concepts

Strategy/Human Centred Design/Systems Thinking/Need Statements.

Week Two
How to identify the drivers of a problem that make it difficult to solve.

Core Concepts

Ethnography/Competitor Research/Conduct Research.

Week Three
How to generate high-quality solutions to a problem.

Core Concepts

Design-Thinking/Ideal Solution Generation/Lotus Blossom Map.

Week Four
How to prioritise solution concepts by business potential for validation.

Core Concepts

Human Centred Design/Assumption Analysis/Real-Win-Worth It.

Week Five
How to validate assumptions using prototypes.

Core Concepts

Prototyping + Scientific Method/Prototype Testing.

Week Six
How to pitch your solution to win backing for your idea.

Core Concepts

Lean Canvas/Pitch on a Page.

Start Innovating